Members of the Cossacks 'fanclub'

became proud owners of

a Cossacks badge

The fan club was run by Barbara Smyth

in Ballyclare

Another photograph circa 1964/65 when the band were at

their height

The baritone sax is prominent, as is Tommy's new

Gibson guitar

Billy played a Fender Jaguar ... a beautiful instrument

Above .... one of the first photographs of the band

Taken in the canteen of the Braid Water Spinning Mill circa 1961/2

The jackets were Irish linen manufactured in the mill

The Cossacks got a cheap deal on 'seconds'

Above .... the band as it was in or around 1964

(I remember Tommy Lamont bought himself a new Gibson guitar around this time

The band were first managed by Bobby Kyle, later by Harold Clements, and finally by Sammy Barr of Flamingo Ballroom fame, before they finally disbanded in the early 70's when the 'Showband Era' fell away ......

Above .... photograph taken in Bellaghy, where the

Cossacks got their first 'residential' booking

for the winter 'dancing class' run by Annie Kennedy

...........for £5 a night

The Cossacks now have a Facebook page

Circa 1963 GRETSCH guitar for sale

Click here for details

Capture the unique atmosphere

of the showband era in this short


extract from the Cossacks re-union dance in 1990


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