Tickets in fact were sold out, and many hopefuls simply didn't get to attend

and Tommy Lamont died in 2003

The Cossacks made a come back in 1990, when they organised a re-union dance in Enkalon Social Club in Antrim.  Jimmy Lynn promised to fly back for Canada for the event.  As things turned out, Jimmy only arrived home that morning, and had no opportunity to have any form of practice with the band.  They 'busked' their way through the evening, which was recorded on video for a 'souvenir' tape 'The Days of the Cossacks'

'It's Magic' and 'Arty Walsh' (formerly of the Billy McFarland Showband) and 'After Hours' helped out on the evening

Considering that only Harry Coulter was still playing anyways actively, the evening was a resounding success, even though the  music was 'a wee bit rough' as they would say in the North of Ireland.

It  was enjoyed both by the band members and by the large crowd which attended.  

The video was sold out within 4 weeks of production

Over the next few months the band did, in fact, play a few more dates for charity (without Jimmy Lynn, who had returned to Canada)

Jimmy still plays with the Par Three in Toronto

Unfortunately the band will never play together again, as Dick Close died in 1998

Former manager Bobby Kyle passed away in 2005

The Cossacks